Rock Band & Karaoke Event Ticket Queue

Created by Parsingphase

Upcoming screen

takeAticket exists to smooth the running of Karaoke sessions, Rock Club evenings, or any event where attendees sign up to perfom songs from a set list.

Song Search

Users can browse an online catalogue of songs (uploaded by the event runner) and see which have already been picked (greyed out), then request the song (currently done offline, although online signup will follow - at Rock Club London, users fill out request slips listing their band)

Queue Management

A powerful queue management interface allows event runners to quickly enter requests and drag tickets to re-order the queue to ensure everyone gets a fair turn. Time estimates show how long the existing queue will last and colour highlighting shows new performers and those performing repeatedly on consecutive songs. More details: QueueManagement.

Event runners can also add their own background image and styling via the management interface. Songs are uploaded from Excel spreadsheets through a choice of processors which determine which instruments are available for each song - or you can upload as voice-only for karaoke. Custom processors for different database structures or instruments can be added in minutes with a little understanding of PHP code (not available on QuickStart without some technical knowledge).

The software is free, open source and extensible, and can be run with a single command under the Docker container platform (see Quick Start) or installed on your own webserver (Installation). Once installed, all operations can be carried out via the web interface.

To contribute to development, see CONTRIBUTE; for feature requests or queries feel free to open a ticket - refer to the existing TODO list for what’s planned.

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