Quick start

Rock Band & Karaoke Event Ticket Queue

Created by Parsingphase

Quick start

You can use Docker to download and run the app locally in two steps:

  1. Install Docker from https://www.docker.com/community-edition#/download
  2. Run docker run -i -t -p 8000:8000 quay.io/parsingphase/takeaticket at a command line to download & run the image

Note that both these downloads are quite large, but both only need to be downloaded once until an update comes along:

  • Docker itself is about 100MB
  • The image is about 750MB - any docker experts who want to put it on a smaller image are welcome to contribute

Important notes:

The docker version of this software is not designed as a full production system, but you can use it on a closed system if you understand the following limitations:

  1. The admin account/password is set to ‘admin/admin’ - changing it is currently an advanced operation, see below.
  2. If you stop the running docker image, your queue and song list will be wiped.
  3. The image contains a small example song list, but you can upload more via the admin interface

Options for those comfortable with Docker

  • You can change the admin password by connecting to the container and running ./bin/console fos:user:change-password admin NEWPASSWORD
  • The sqlite database is held at /app/var/db and initialised from /app/sql/db-sqlite.sql, should you want to extend the Dockerfile to mount the database for persistence

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