Rock Band & Karaoke Event Ticket Queue

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1) Create database

The software can run with either a MySQL or sqlite database.

If using MySQL, the utf8mb4 character set should be used

 CREATE DATABASE `takeaticket`  DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

You will also need a user with CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE usage on this table

2a) Install with Ant

An apache ant script will attempt to install and configure the software:

ant build-current         # for production use OR
ant build-current-dev     # for development use

2b) Or install manually

Check the contents of the Dockerfile for the steps needed. You need to start with

composer install
npm install    

and you may need to follow the Symfony install guide linked below.

3) Populating the database

Populate application tables:

 sqlite3 var/db/app.sqlite < sql/db-sqlite.sql                 # for sqlite OR  
 mysql -u[USER] -p[PASSWORD] -D[DATABASE] < sql/db-mysql.sql   # for mysql

Populate user & login tables

 php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force                # any platform

Create admin user

 php bin/console fos:user:create admin admin@localhost admin --super-admin

4) Configure and run web server

For development or limited-scope use you can use Symfony’s internal PHP server:

php bin/console -e=prod server:run     # for standard use
php bin/console -e=dev server:run      # for development use     

To run under an external web server such as Apache or NGINX, consult the Symfony documentation

Further help

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