Hi, I’m Richard, AKA parsingphase

I take photos as a hobby, and write code as a profession.

Cape May Warbler Red Squirrel Quabbin MA Song Sparrow

More can be found at

I’ve written up some notes on technique and equipment on Medium.

On the software side, I build things in PHP, Python and Javascript/Typescript

I create documentation and guides as well as code

Commercially, I’ve worked for companies including -

I spent most of 2019 working on IX-API, and I’ve written up my experience

My online, personal projects include:

Rosetta PPJ (now with Java added!)

PHP-Python-Javascript Rosetta)

PHP | Python | Javascript | Java

A cheat sheet for anyone who, like me, finds swapping between multiple C-type languages confusing



Python | Django | Javascript | jQuery | Docker

A geovisualisation and search tool for audio recordings of bats tagged with the GUANO format.

TDD Deciphered

TDD Deciphered


A guide to Test-Driven Development built around a simulation of the Engima machine, based on my time volunteering at Bletchley Park


Beerbot Menu Beerbot Tracker

Python | AWS Serverless

A processing tool for paid supporters of Untappd, supporting stocklist management and consumption tracking


Weight In Whales

A small salute to the most important of standardised comparison units, the metric blue whale

PHP | Javascript | Symfony | Angular



A management app for a karaoke-style event that I used to run with my wife and friends

PHP | Javascript | Symfony | jQuery | Docker

Minor projects

Created for clients and open-sourced


Somewhat in hiatus, but the archive has a fair bit of content




CV / Résumé: